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The 4AM band played at The Linden Market Autumn Edition and the crowd absolutely loved them. We recently posted their Lyric video on our Social Media pages of their new single African skies (you can check it out again). We spoke to their lead singer Marc Wainstein to hear what he and the band, has been up to since Lockdown…

TLM: Tell us a little bit more 4am…

Marc: We’re a fun, party acoustic vibes band from Edenvale Johannesburg. We love playing fun, uplifting music. We write our own stuff, we do some covers, we love being interactive with the crowed and get everybody dancing.

TLM: Tell us how you got together, where the name 4am comes from.

Marc: 5am was taken… Just joking… we’re actually high school mates. Through the years the music evolved. We used to be a full-on electric rock band. I actually put the guitar down for a while. I was just over it. The I started playing the good old acoustic guitar again, started learning some covers, and I thought it sounded fun… then  I had to change my writing style and the old 4am songs, to being acoustic, from the normal rock and roll sound we had.

It was very challenging in the initial stages, but the positive feedback that we get is amazing and it certainly has opened up a lot of opportunities to play at beautiful markets like The Linden Market, interact with a lot more people. I think it’s a more diverse style of music, our acoustic-folk-party vibe. We’ve had some nice success on radio and TV and we are very grateful for all of that.

TLM: How has the Lockdown impacted you and the band personally?

Marc: It’s impacted in a massive way in terms of us not being able to play live and generate that sort of income. However on a positive note, we have been extremely busy online, and getting a lot of exposure and traction from that, doing interviews like this and I’ve done a few live sessions for other Facebook pages and it really has helped tremendously.

We also released the lyric video for our new single African Skies. It’s a song to really uplift everybody during these times, and bring everybody together. We’ve got more of a surprise coming with that – we’ve asked fans and friends and family to send us short little clips of them in isolation dancing to African Skies. People have dressed up, people have done choreographed stuff, which we will also be releasing soon, you can just keep an eye on our Facebook Page. I’ve also done some ridiculous isolation videos of 4am on Youtube as well. It’s just there to uplift everybody during this time.

Certainly it has impacted the market tremendously, but we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the music will continue.

TLM: What is the one thing that you would like to have achieved or get done by the end of Lockdown?

Marc: I think writing more material… I wrote a song the other day and it was really fulfilling, so writing one or two more as we are going into studio as soon as Lockdown is over. We also have the new EP coming. We have a nice bunch of songs already. So I guess that’s my goal – to write as much material as possible. And to still be in the public eye via social media and lift people’s spirits.

TLM: Except for writing, what else are you doing to keep yourself busy?

Marc: I actually run a telecommunications company and I am really busy with that. With Lockdown it’s not easy to see people face to face, but I try to get in contact with dealers and new customers, and keep the train rolling. It’s imperative for the entire economy. You’ve got to take a situation like this and literally make the most of this. You’ve got to make contact with people sitting in “category 13 gathering dust”, just really try your utmost to keep as active as you can.

I also do exercise in the garden, the kids join me, try to keep fit during this time as well. It has been challenging but I think it is such a blessing to spend the time with family and really appreciate the outdoors, really appreciate life as a whole. I think that’s what this time has given us.

TLM: In your ideal world, how would you like the public to better support local music?

Marc: Obviously it’s about supporting live events like The Linden Market and coming out and having a good time. Just supporting live events in general. That is where promoters continue to generate income from, so they need the support; that’s how musicians get paid by promoters.

The other thing is downloading our music. 4am has two albums on all the platforms Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, so even while you are in isolation, you can continue to support us, as well as like and share on social media.

TLM: Being a positive person yourself, what piece of hope or advice can you give other musicians and entrepreneurs during this time of Lockdown?

Marc: It’s such a compliment that you think I am positive as I literally work on it every single day. I listen to positive audio, I write down positive affirmations and stand in my garden and declare these affirmations out loud every single day. I meditate and I focus on all the wonderful things every single day, to bring that type of energy back to you.

I think that’s what the whole country need to do. Entrepreneurs should be looking from a positive perspective, at what they CAN do during this time. The wheels haven’t stopped turning for me, even with work, I stay as busy as I can. I encourage the country to do the same, whether it’s making your ten calls a day, or sending your 10 emails a day, or posting your uplifting message on Facebook, or Instagram or whatever that makes someone feel good, go out and do it, because it will make someone else feel uplifted and go out there and do it as well.

To see the African Skies Unity Lockdown Video Click here, it’s really cool and will make you smile for sure!