Calling all vendors and customers to “reduce, reuse and recycle”as #TLM is going green.

The Linden Market is going green this winter and we are really excited about this new challenge to reduce our carbon footprint even further to create a more sustainable event. Straws became the first taboo at #TLM a couple of seasons ago, but now we want to take it to the next level. We call on all our stall holders and customers to support this initiative so that we can make an impact together.

YourDictionary defines going green as making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” There are simple steps we can take and eco-friendly alternatives available, to drastically reduce the negative impact our market has on the environment. To quote a #consciouslivingsouthafrica post “we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly; we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Our first order of duty for the upcoming market was to get rid of plastic cups and partner with SWIG CUPS. SWIG CUPS is a company that makes earth-friendly, reusable cups. There will be different stations around the market that sell these cups to market-goers for R10. Customers have the option to either return the cups at the end of the day and get their R10 deposit back, or they can keep the TLM-branded cup as a keep-sake. Customers will then visit stalls with their cups and have their drinks poured into them. There will also be promoters and stations where customers can get their cups rinsed.

The Linden Market Recycling Cup

Paper, cans and glass are welcome as we will have recycling bins readily available at TLM Winter Edition. We ask everybody to please be conscientious and use these bins mindfully.

In terms of our vendors, we know that at first, going green with packaging might be a costly exercise, but in the end it will be an investment in our future. As we at TLM also had to do some research, we came across some cool blogs that gave us insights and ideas and we would love to share these packaging ideas with you.

According to the blog LoveToKnow corn starch is ideal for all types of food packaging and has no negative impact on the environment. Cardboard and paper are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Biodegradable plastic when exposed to sunlight decomposes and bubble wrap made out of recycled polyethylene is fully degradable

JohnsByrne suggests rethinking your packaging. Although it isn’t possible with all items, many brands have found creative ways to reduce the size or alter the shape of their products, to curb or eliminate the need for packaging. If you don’t want to go that route why not source and brand your own reusable bag?

Think Step also has a few ideas for sustainable packaging trends such as one of the basics, replacing plastics with paper bags. We are really excited to get to see your out-of-the-box ideas in terms of packaging and how to make The Linden Market more sustainable. We cannot do this alone, but together we can make a huge difference.

We look forward to having each and every one of you at TLM Winter Edition on 13 July 2019 at The Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia. Get your “paperless” tickets here to avoid the queues.


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