Lockdown: 21 Days. 21 Opportunities.

Although it may be hard – let’s use this time for something good!

The Linden Market 21 Days, 21 Opportunities

Tonight at 23:59 most of South Africa will go under lockdown.  Times are uncertain, and our economy and businesses will all need to brace the impact of this unprecedented time in our Human history.

We take on this burden, because it is simply the right thing to do. To protect South Africa’s vulnerable communities and give our country a fighting chance against an invisible force.

Whether at home or still active with operations, we are all together in this and united in connecting with and protecting our families, and at the end of this period, to get our businesses and country up, running, healthy and growing again.

From our Linden Market family to yours, please stay safe and although it will be extremely hard, try to use this time given for something good. These 21 days, present 21 opportunities.

As entrepreneurs we always feel like we never have enough time.

Depending on what your priorities or focus is right now, it will be a good time to put a Lockdown-plan together by answering these questions;

What is a problem I would like to solve that I have not had time to think about?

  • Haven’t quite gotten down to getting your product library or copy up to date for eCommerce? Now is a great time.
  • There are amazing online courses & resources on Facebook, eCommerce, SEO or any other discipline imaginable.
  • Plan your growth strategy and brand strategy. This needs think-time!

What is something I can control right now that needs my attention?

  • How about that heap of admin you have been nurturing for some time now?
  • Apply to the SMME support fund.
  • You will be in lockdown, but you can look after your fitness and health! Why not just start slowly and kick it up a gear when everything is over?
  • Decluttering is a big one to tackle. Clean space, clean mind.
  • Get creative! When was the last time you were creative just for yourself? Recharge your inspiration.
  • On a lighter note, maybe you still need to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones?

Who can I connect with in this time I have been meaning to contact?

  • As entrepreneurs our businesses are like our babies, but also use a big chunk of this time given to spend time with our families and speak to our friends. Use the technology to your disposal, and make the best of it. We really love the idea of Zoomtini time! (Martini’s over Zoom)

Set your goals, put a plan in action to make them happen, and at the end of the 21 days you would have been productive and more ready to take on the world.

Although we are apart, we are all together in Lockdown.

Stay safe everyone,

The Linden Market Team


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