The Linden Market partners with The Real Mackay

Louis and Martina has a contagious energy and once you meet them you are inspired and just want to be a part of what they are doing. Having started many businesses themselves – they are passionate about entrepreneurship and so The linden Market partnered with the owners of The Real Mackay, to create a platform for entrepreneurs and makers at The Linden Market Pop-up Shop in September. Read the blog to get to know this incredible couple better…

TLM: Louis and Martina, thank you for chatting to us today. Please tell us a little more about who you are…

Martina: We are an entrepreneurial couple, based in Johannesburg. We have always had a passion to start up new businesses. The last few years we started venturing into property development, where we buy an “oldie”, repurpose the building and then get tenants in, and hopefully after a few months or a year, the tenants will be self-reliant. We’re very involved in curating the tenant mix, and hopefully the business will revolve around that. But then with Covid-19, the carpet was pulled out from under our feet. Now we need to rethink what the future is… especially for this building where we are partnering with The Linden Market.

TLM: Tell us a little bit more about the history of this beautiful building in Blairgowrie.

Louis: The building started out as Kentucky House. We found the KFC Cornel logo sandblasted on one of the doors there. And then a few years later the building became an Absa branch. We still have the original reinforced Absa doors with the slogan “yesterday today and tomorrow”. And through the years the building sort of reached out to us. At first it was a whisper “notice me” then it became a shout and eventually the building jumped out right in front of us and said “you are buying me!”. And so we did.

Martina: When we buy properties we try and keep is as authentic as possible. Our whole mission is to be more responsible citizens. We don’t just renovate and throw out the old stuff. We try and up-cycle it and repurpose the stuff that was in the building. A lot of the original doors are still in use, the staircase railing is the same… Even a wall – we started removing the plaster and we found this amazing wall that is so authentic and beautiful. I don’t think you will be able to find it anywhere else.

Louis: The wall is original concrete, and you can see the shutter-boards that they had there, there are spots where you can see the canopies that was there previously, you can still see the in the stones in the concrete. Martina: We believe that buildings have personalities and that a building talks to you. We think that the building is feeling very happy.

TLM: Where did the name The Real Mackay come from?

Martina: Obviously it’s in Mackay avenue. We also got together with a branding specialist to decide what to call the building. We played around with 7 on Mackay, or Mackay number 7. And we just felt that it is so boring… Louis’ family is actually from Scottish heritage, and they are part pf the Gordon clan. I started researching the history of Blairgowrie. The person that actually owned that township – his name was Gordon Mackay. So it just started talking to us. The tenant mix and the people visiting we want to be the “real McCoy” type of person. Being passionate in terms of the tenants. We want to attract people that are passionate about what they do – whether it’s a service that they render, it needs to be the real McCoy. The Real Mackay actually comes from “The Real Mackay whiskey”… there are stories about how the Scottish used the saying this is the real Mackay – meaning this is the real type of whiskey. In terms of the colours we used references to the Gordon Mackay and Mackay clan – we thought it’s just so appropriate to call it The Real Mackay.

TLM: You bought the building before Covid and you must have had these huge dreams or a vision of what you want for the building. Has it changed at all? Tell us little bit more about the vision that you have for The Real Mackay.

Louis: The Real Mackay was closed along with all of South Africa for many number of weeks. The sad reality is that a number of our tenants did not renew their leases. With that is an opportunity as well. We will get to more of that later. Covid had scaled things down for us, but I think that it has made us more real. A lot of us had maybe had a short term vision, where we overloaded our schedules. Now we are forced to slow down, do stock take – I think this fits in beautifully for the whole Real Mackay vision as well. We are from the conscious living community. So it is about enjoying things, about thinking of the effect that we have on our planet. We believe that everybody can make just a slight course correction. We don’t need a complete new lifestyle, but all of us can just make a slight change and that’s what we’re all about.

TLM: We are very grateful to you for reaching out to The Linden Market and we are very excited to host the first TLM Pop-Up shop in The Real Mackay in September. Why did you reach out? What was your idea? Why did you want to partner with The Linden Market?

Martina: We have almost gone full circle. When we started The Real Mackay we had a pop-up shop where we partnered with artisans, where we showcased their products and took a commission. But as time went by we almost changed courses a little bit and started taking in tenants that might not really have fitted into what we wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to do a small “Linden Market” at The Real Mackay and I think having tried that, I realised that I can’t be the expert in everything and this is not my expertise. This is your expertise… you’ve done it… you’ve got the connection with the artists and the makers and I think the future is about working together and collaborating and seeing how we can share resources to put something together that is “wow”. I’m very excited!

I received the email that said you were cancelling the June Market and I’m very much about putting it out there to the universe, so I took a chance and it was wonderful that you actually replied to the Facebook message. A lot of businesses when you send them a Facebook message it just lands up somewhere and it was great that the two of you came back and that you wanted to see how we could share our vision with your vision. And it’s wonderful to be a part of it because a lot of these artists have been struggling over the past few months and I think they must feel very frustrated that they can’t get the product out to the public. I think it’s a wonderful partnership between us and you and the makers and then hopefully  the community that will support us on the day.

TLM: You are a very conscious part of the community – we love your slogan “support local, shop local, eat local, spend local and enjoy local”. What do you think the TLM Pop-Up shop will mean to the Blairgowrie community specifically?

Martina: The Blairgowrie community is predominantly In their 30’s starting with families. We have a very active Blairgowrie community page. A lot of the Blairgowrie residents are very aware of global warming, recycling, repurposing. A lot of them are part of the Blairgowrie farmers page, where Blairgowrie residents have small veggie gardens on their property and they were very supportive when we opened. So we already have a relationship with the Blairgowrie community and a lot of them are artisans that want to showcase their products. I know we’re going to be successful on those two weekends of September and the community is going to see that there is a space where we can showcase their products to the rest of the Blairgowrie community.

The Real Mackay Courtyard

TLM: As you said things have changed over these past few months and you also mentioned that you have to look at things differently and see the opportunities. It’s not always a bad thing when things change. How do you see the future of retail in South Africa?

Louis: We’ve seen an explosion of online options, but we still have to feel and see. Especially with objects that we want to display in our homes. A lot of the future will be a multi-channel meeting point. A lot will happen online and that might ultimately be the way that we buy. But we still want to have a look and touch and feel and for me the opportunity that we have in the collaboration with The Linden Market that we can be a “brand shop”, a brand window for all the vendors that participate on those days. And then on the online channel itself – you actually know – you probably had a conversation with the person you buy from online and that means that the human touch element is back. So a mixture of online and offline.

Martina: People buy from people and if you can establish that relationship you have a follower, you have a buyer and I think that the Linden Market Pop-Up will be that link. When you buy clothes that are locally made sizes vary, so you need to get to know the sizes – is the medium the right size for me? Or the large? And you can’t really do that online. But once you have established the medium will fit me when you buy such and such a brand, it will then be easy to transact in future.

TLM: Thanks again for reaching out to us, we’re really excited about this partnership with you. The sky is the limit but for now we will take it step by step… The first TLM Pop-Up shop will be on 5 September and then again on 26 September. We’ll see you soon!


Staying in touch from our couch to yours #thepowerofsmall

One of our most regular makers and a beautiful soul… Helen from HelenBean.Com (she makes the most exquisite ceramic pieces), gave us some of her precious time and agreed to chat to us. One of the most profound things she said – and this is the reason why we are doing this series, to give people hope, to inspire and be there for each other – she said, “I’m quite ok with where we are now, but I know it’s going to change, I know it’s just temporary. Being an entrepreneur in this environment, we know what hard times are. So it’s just hard times, for now…”

TLM: Tell us a little bit more about who you are, where you’re from, as well as a bit more about your brand…

Helen: I was born and bred in Pretoria. I was in the Restaurant industry for such a long time and then we left that. I didn’t know what I was going to do. My daughter and my husband spurred me on to do something creative. I always knew that I was creative, but I‘ve never actually done it. So when I finished my first project it was so rewarding, and in 2016 my husband bought me a pottery course for a month and that’s where it started. I never knew that it was going to grow into something that I enjoy and know that people love to have something of me and my piece in their homes. It fills me with a lot of joy. My brand’s name HelenBean.Com.

TLM: On which platform do you sell your ceramics?

Helen: Instagram, Facebook, but markets predominantly. I love the interaction with people. Because I work from home, to have those 6 hours to connect with somebody is wonderful. I am however working on online things, so slowly, slowly we’ll get there.

TLM: As one of our most regular vendors, how long have you been a maker at The Linden Market?

Helen: It was actually one of the first market that I joined in 2017 – a year after I started the business. I love The Linden Market. I love the environment, what it stands for, the people, how we get together, and how we support each other, it’s absolutely phenomenal. And it’s growing every year. It’s beautiful.

TLM: How has the Lockdown impacted your business?

Helen: Sjo, quite phenomenally. It’s non-existent in a sense. In these times, if you think about this pandemic, I know that I’m not going to sell. I wouldn’t want to, actually. I feel guilty selling my products, because people need to pay their rent, their mortgages, their home loans, they have to put food on the table. So, I’m quite ok with where we are now, but I know it’s going to change, I know it’s just temporary. Being an entrepreneur in this environment, we know what hard times are. So it’s just hard times, for now…

TLM: How have you adapted your approach to your business or are you just having some downtime?

Helen: No, I’m still doing what I’ve been doing all along. I have started meditating and all the rest of it. And being online, I have actually started posting on a daily basis, because I need that connection. I think it’s a way to connect and the internet is wonderful for that. So that’s one way of adapting, but I don’t think there’s a blueprint for it right now. I think we have to get through this first.

TLM: What is the one thing that you would like to achieve of get done, by the time that Lockdown is over.

Helen: Yes! The website. I have to get the website up. But it’s so difficult, because there’s so many beautiful products, and you can’t put too much information out there. But I’m sure I’m going to do it, one step at a time. It’s achievable.

I also want to get back to the fundamentals of my craft. The beginning. I think you have to revisit that. Because that’s when new ideas will come through. But I think most good things happen in isolation. I mean look at artists all over the world, they created beauty, through being alone. So keep going. Keep making.

TLM: You’re meditating, and busy with the website… what else are you doing to keep busy during this time?

Helen: Also cleaning. I’ve been de-cluttering. But I’ve been doing it gradually, because I know if I do too much, then I’m just going to leave it because I get bored. That’s just how I am. I’ll start with something and then I’ll leave. So I’ll  do a drawer a day or a shelf a day.

I’m doing an online drawing thing as well because my drawing is really bad. It’s really interesting. I mean the first lesson we had to do just circles. We had to do a hundred circles in different shapes, different ovals. It was intense. And it wasn’t easy at all.

TLM: OK, wait. So if you say that you don’t draw… where do the patterns on your ceramics come for?

Helen: Well a lot of them are imprints from plants, because I love nature. The protea is one of my daughter’s drawings. She’s the artist. That’s why we also implemented the intimate range, where Zoey does her one-line drawings. It’s a collaboration between mother and daughter. And also the connection… It’s actually stronger with the two of us. We play around with ideas. She is also of the younger generation. I realized that there was a niche that I needed to connect with – that was the 18-28 year olds. I think it’s working quite beautifully.

TLM: What is the one thing that you look forward to everyday during the Lockdown?

Helen: There are actually 2. Breakfast with my family. And then the downtime. Right at the end of the day, because we are all doing our separate things. I’ve always loved to sit outside, even just to go walk on the grass. Just breathe and see the beauty around us. And be grateful for what I have.

TLM: What is the one piece of advice or hope that you can give entrepreneurs?

Helen: Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re going to create continuously. You have to get up in the morning, you’ve got to make your bed, you’ve got to just keep going. Don’t give up.

And support each other. There’s no blueprint of how to get through this time, but just keep doing what you love, that’s the most important thing.


Let’s Meet the Maker behind Native Decor…

Vusi Ravele, owner of Native Décor, got a kick-start for his business through the MNET show Shark Tank, and his unique home décor products, furniture and gifting products made from wood, has been flying out of his factory since. Vusi found some time in his busy schedule to chat to the TLM team and is what he had to say…

How did Native Décor start and how long have you been in business?

Native Décor basically started in 2015 when Vusi’s girlfriend bought him a cordless drill and he couldn’t stop drilling holes in everything… from there it started escalating and the following year he pitched his business on Shark Tank. His application was successful and it became a full time affair from there.

Vusi Ravele from Native Decor in Meet The Makers Ep 4


How did being Shark Tank influence your business?

On Shark Tank Vusi got a little bit of financial help, but the biggest perk coming from the show was the marketing that Native Décor received. So much so that the very next month Vusi had to leave his full time job, because the orders came in like crazy. . It really helped to establish the business quickly, and the financial aid from his investor helped grow the business to where it is today.

What do you enjoy most about having your own business?

The best part about having your own business is you don’t get to sleep as much…lol. No not really, the best part is you get to create your own reality, your time is yours and you get to decide what’s going to happen, what you’re going to manufacture, what you want to design. It’s owning your own destiny in a sense, as clichéd as that may sound.

Artwork in the making


What is the biggest challenge when owning a small business in South Africa?

In South Africa having a small business has quite a lot of challenges… having access to the market in general is a huge challenge. It’s quite difficult to find your customer base as not everything is connected within South Africa. Not everyone is always in one location where you can find them. Even online it is challenging and expensive as well, to advertise to your market.

How do you benefit from both online and physical marketing platforms?

An online platform and a physical platform within The Linden Market brand, allows small business owners to invite prospective clients to come and have a look at their products – it might not be the entire range – but people can get a taste of what they do and can go online to buy the product. It gives the sense of best of both worlds. Entrepreneurs also gain a lot of research when they exhibit at markets like The Linden Market. They learn about their customers, interact with them, see what their needs are, all those sort of things that are related to research are beneficial to them.


Beautiful Native Decor Products


Join us at The Linden Market on 7 March where you can meet  Vusi, see his incredible Native Decor products and meet so many more handpicked makers. Get your tickets here to skip the queue. See you at the Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia for a beautiful Autumn Edition 2020.

Flashbacks to The Linden Market Winter Edition

A trip down TLM Winter Edition memory lane


The TLM Winter Edition has come and gone and what an incredible day it was. TLM would like to thank each and every person who came out and supported the market – you made the day what it was.

Incredibly beautiful and creative products by our amazing vendors

It was a chilly morning for everybody involved behind the scenes setting up in the dark, but once the sun came out it almost felt like spring day. Once again it was our awesome TLM vendors who stole the show with their incredible creative products whether it was food, drinks, clothing, shoes, decor items, jewellery or some delicious deli products – it all looked beautiful and of the highest quality.

More topclass products by our incredible vendors

The Kidpreneur initiative, sponsored by Everblock was a roaring success. Our first ever Kidpreneurs started trading at 11:00 and blew us away with their creativity and entrepreneurship and of course their cuteness. Should your child be interested in being a Kidpreneur at the Spring Edition on 28 September please fill out an online application.

Everblock built the stalls for our first Kidpreneurs

For the kids who were just there to have some fun there was loads to do between the bungi-trampolene, face-painting-stiltmen, crafts, jumping castle, train and tyre toys.

Old TLM favourite Date-a-Dog with Benji + Moon was there and even though no puppies were adopted, R7405,40 were raised in donations for CLAW. Thank you TLM-goers for your generosity. Date-a-Dog and CLAW will be back at our Spring Edition – so if in the meantime you are looking for a furry addition to your family – please adopt, don’t shop and contact CLAW.

TLM is dog friendly

In the entertainment lineup, there was some TLM first-timers who kept the crowds entertained. Electronic duo Luca and Tim all the way from Cape Town first took to the stage and was the perfect start to a sunny winters day. Following the duo was Marimba band Coal Train who got the crowd up and dancing. The day ended off on a high note by 6-piece band Sea of Green, who captivated the crowd till closing time.

Wonderful lineup of artists who entertained the crowd

Our going-green initiative took off with flying colours (thank you to everybody buying into our initiative) and everybody loved the TLM-branded SWIG cups. We won’t stop here, but will continue to make the market greener and more environmentally friendly – with your help of course.

The TLM golfcarts was a hit so if you missed out on your free ride, remember to park in the safe parking at Rooseveldt High, walk the short distance to the Botanical gardens gate and grab a lift with our awesome TLM-cart-drivers in future (remember to take a selfie!).

It truly was a jam packed day and we have so much more in stall for our Spring Edition on 28 September 2019 so watch this space…

The Linden Market Christmas Edition 2018


Looking back on a jam-packed year, it seems that everybody is a little tired and ready for a holiday. We have decided to end off the year slightly differently. For the first time in The Linden Market’s history, the market will span over 2 days, starting on Saturday 1st of December and ending on Sunday 2nd of December. Why? You voted …. We listened! We ran a poll asking our regular visitors and vendors if they would prefer a 1 or 2 day market, and the winner by 86% was a 2 day market! By extending the market we can accommodate people who cannot make the Saturday, or did not finish off all their gift shopping to join us again on the Sunday…
We are very excited to share what we have planned for the deluxe Christmas Edition market! Here is a snippet of what to expect:- Yoga in the Park, 160 stalls, Santa in the Garden, Wreath Making Workshop, Adopt a Dog, Live Music entertainment and more…
You will not find a better way to kick off the holiday month. Bring your friends, family, children and 4 legged friends for a local, festive celebration in the heart of the Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia.
Spoil your family and friends and buy your Christmas pressies LOCAL. As part of the Linden Market’s mantra, we encourage people to swap malls for markets and fully support our local entrepreneurs. We will have 160 stalls ranging from decor & design, jewellery, fashion, deli, food trucks, craft beer, bubbly, gin bar, furniture, plants etc. Join us @ the market for your unique and authentic Christmas gift shopping.
Get into the SPIRIT OF GIVING …. We invited Mr. Clause and his team to come and be merry with the children and families of Jozi. Come and help Santa to decorate the TLM Christmas tree with recycled items. You will also get the chance to support the needy by bringing a wrapped present (pre-loved or new) to place under the TLM Christmas tree. The presents will go to the little ones who won’t have a Christmas Experience. 

We will start off the day with our usual ‘Yoga in the Park’. Yogi’s grab your mats and join Yoga Works on Saturday and Sunday at 09h00. This will also give you free entrance to the market.

Join us on Saturday or Sunday at 10h00 for a celebration of Summer and the upcoming Christmas holidays with an intimate wreath making workshop and bubbly tasting in the White Shed. We will be using the traditional method of moss and wire, offering decorations from a gorgeous array of interesting foliage & succulents. The class will be taught to create a lush and festive Christmas wreath that last throughout the entire holiday season. Tickets available on our website.

Once again, as part of our dog loving culture, CLAW has been invited. With the overwhelming success at the Spring Edition, we continue to support this charity to drive their ‘adopt a dog’ initiative. You will get the chance to spend some time with beautiful yet homeless furry friends, among them puppies up for adoption. Please tell all that are looking for a fur child to join us at The Linden market Spring Edition to give our furry friends some love and attention, and hopefully a forever home. Each doggy will sport a gingham blue bandanna and denim blue harness with lead should you want to take a walk and get to know each other. We call upon you to bring the whole family, including the furry ones to join us to celebrate Christmas the Linden Market way. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Market Goers will be welcomed with Bluesy Christmas carols by Saxophone.  Jacqueline Tolken and Peter Hoven will once again grace us with heir beautiful voices and the rest we will announce closer to the time.

Early bird skips the queue… Entrance R20 pp. Kinds u/12 enter for free. Get your tickets here 



Music Line-up for the Linden Market Spring Edition ’18.

Only 18 days to go to the LINDEN MARKET spring edition 2018

Button up those spring shirts and dust of them dancing shoes, because we have just secured the music line-up for the Spring Edition. If you don’t want to miss out go on and get your tickets here!

Kate Rok will be opening The Linden Market Spring Edition Stage. This talented new comer brings Afrikana Flavour mixed with urban sounds to the local music scene. She writes and sings about nature, people, relationships, and day to day life, with a strong focus on her country, her culture and the people of Mzanzi! She has a dream for our country to unite, which manifests in powerful lyrical messaging. We cannot wait to hear her voice!

Follwing the urban Afrikana vibes we have Beukes and Delaney. This Johannesburg based duo performs an eclectic mix of original Folk/Irish/Rock. They refer to their unique style as “Irish-Boereblues! Afrikaans singer/songwriter, Christoff Beukes, plays acoustic Guitar, Harmonica and does the Lead Vocal duties in this exciting duo.David Delaney, an Irishman, that has been calling South Africa home for the last 2 years. He grew up learning his craft playing in the pubs of Waterford, where he was born. He plays the Fiddle; a traditional Irish flute called the Low Whistle, Mandolin and does Backing Vocals. Their debut album, “Good to be Alive”, is an amalgamation of their individual musical and cultural backgrounds.

To liven things up we call on the talented Jerry & The Bandits. 

This crew has been folking things up since 2013 with 4 members: Jerry, Jason, Kirstin and Geraint. They describe themselves as an indie-folk band with spice! Their upbeat music guarantees to make anyone dance, sing-along and feel good. Jerry’s appealing and husky vocals blend with the acoustic guitars and kick-drum pulse to lay the folk foundation for the band’s sound. The sounds of the brassy saxophone and harmonica sprinkle some musical spice on top of this while Geraint, aka G-Kitty, keeps the groove on the double bass.


The headline act of the day will be The Runaway Train Cult. A Brilliant end to a great days out in The Botanical gardens of Emmarentia.  This band was formed formed out of a love of playing live acoustic music and an attitude that they are there for the audience – not the other way round. With instruments like violin, mandolin, auto-harp, cello, banjo, guitar, ukulele, upright bass and voice, almost any genre of music sounds fresh – though folk roots, country, bluegrass and hillbilly get special attention.



The band’s original influence stems from their interest in Gypsy jazz/Appalachian/Americana/New Orleans swing and the instruments associated to those genres: Violin, guitars, upright bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, accordion, brass and percussion. The various styles have become so integrated that it’s hard to hear where one genre starts and another stops. Recently Hip Hop and soul have got into the mix, so the journey continues.

We look forward to the eclectic mix of sounds and moreover seeing you guys at The Linden Market Spring Edition. Remember, gates open at 9am – 4pm on Saturday 29th of September at The Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia. Get your tickets here.

PS: Secure parking available at Roosevelt High opposite the road at R20. Please make use of this as parking on the side of the road is not safe for your car. See you all soon. TLM Market Love xxx











The Linden Market Autumn Edition kicked off in 2018 with the biggest attendance yet. The market brought a lot of new and interesting ideas to the table. One of them definitely stood out from the crowd. In collaboration with Uber Flavour Craft Ice Tea and POP Paint we brought in six female artists to paint a live mural on an oil barrel in front of the market audience.

For the artists the day started off a little quieter and accompanied with great music, they could easily plan their piece for their individual barrels. As they dipped their brushes into the amazing POP colours, the hustle and bustle started and our talent were submerged by the laughter and joy of the audience surrounding them.

The six creative women where all given one specific theme, Infused with an African Soul, and they could apply it as they see fit. Specifically chosen, they all came from different areas within the art world, each with their own unique style. This was particularly interesting when they got into full swing of things. The live mural painting became a performance where the audience had the freedom to interact with the artists, their work, Uber Flavour, and Pop Paint.


Here are some of the artists’ thoughts.


Octavia Roodt on her design and the theme:

Without trying to get too political, the theme inspired me to try and fight through the swamp of potential political angst to that quiet and peaceful plateau, that bubble where we do not agonise over the past or present. Essentially that space where we can and should drink tea, as it is, rightfully, the most meditative of beverages. What local symbols then, can create such an atmosphere?

What I decided on was the San, specifically placed in the flat, empty Karoo. Regarding infusion, this is where the fun could start. By blending the virtual age with the primordial, the barren with the heavy cloud of flavour and the wrinkled sage with the young child, I intended to “infuse” a few contrasting yet closely related ideas together. That, and the more of that gorgeous pink, the better.



 Ilze ‘Issa’ Mari Wessels on painting in front of people for the first time and POP Paint:

It was amazing. It was the first time I’ve experienced something like this, especially painting in front of strangers.  The social interactions were really interesting, people from different ages came to inspect what we were doing and they asked plenty of questions. It was great to speak to the audience on why we do what we do as artists.

The platform allowed for these interactions to happen, which was what really stood out for me. You rarely get the opportunity as an artist to work on a level where you are confronted with so many minds and opinions at once.

I wish I could take all the paint home. POP Paint was great fun to work with, the experience was all-round fantastic.




 Bianca Buisman on the energy, artists and atmosphere of the day:

I haven’t ever painted in front of so many people – so this already brought a lot of energy to my heart. The other phenomenal feeling was sitting alongside a few other artists, all from different backgrounds, all from different styles, creating something together. Synchronised in a way, made it feel beautifully revolutionary and brought it to life. It created unity in building something really beautiful.

All-in-all, it was a tough day to get that much paint onto the barrel with all the ideas you have, but at the end of it, it felt empowering.

For a market to bring young artists into the public and a new space is incredible. Yes, you know, every market can bring local brands to the forefront, but you don’t often find that they bring young contemporary artists who really want to make something for themselves. It brought a whole other energy and culture to the market, it brought it to life. I have never seen it anywhere else and I think in itself it is something really interesting. When you bring interesting cultural things to an area, it starts taking a different shape. It inspired me to do more things live. The energy definitely influences the results.




The art activation inspired many market goers on the day and the feedback was exceptional. The Winter Edition will fill out the Emmarentia Botanical Gardens on the 30th of June and you can expect more interesting projects like this one.








Say hello to the Linden Market’s Online Store

Say hello to the Linden Market’s Online Store

The Linden Market team worked for months to find new ways of collaborating with vendors to give them the opportunity to sustain a career in craft and showcase their incredible products on an online platform. This meant giving each vendor the opportunity to sell products more than four times a year, as well as to give market goers the opportunity to get their favourite products if they missed it by having too much fun with friend in Emmarentia Botanical Gardens.






The Linden Market, voted as one of South Africa’s best markets, took the initiative and created a local online platform to support what they believe in. The official launch of the TLM Online Store was held at Three on Third in Linden. The night kicked-off with a slight drizzle, but two of our regular vendors from the market Kitchen Kid and Yield coffee kept us warm and full during the evening. The rain was soon forgotten and guests could raise a glass of Simonsig MCC, wine, or Bullcook Craft Beer to the occasion.

The Linden Co-op, Cart and InJuly was the perfect location for the event as they too support local talent. Guests had the opportunity to stroll through all three shops during the evening to get a taste of what South Africa has to offer. After the speeches, Jacqueline Tolken and Peter Hoven, stepped in behind the mics and with their velvet voices they set the atmosphere of a perfect launch.
You can now find your favourite local product or perfect gift, online.
Go check out the TLM Online Store here,

Looking Back at the Autumn Edition

Looking Back at the Autumn Edition

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the first market of 2018. The Linden Market was hustling and bustling under the autumn sun on Saturday, the 7th of April, leaving our vendors with a sold-out smile at the end of the day.

It is very important to The Linden Market Team to create a platform where local artists can freely express their creativity and be supported by the community. Thus, we partnered with POP Paint and Uber Flavour Craft Ice Tea to bring a creative and fun space to the market with a unique activation. We gave six female artists an oil drum and a variety of POP Paint to paint a live mural throughout the day. And oh boy, did they paint. The results were amazing, the crowds captivated, and it gave the market a twist with a fun interactive experience.




The Linden Market Bubbly Beetle was introduced as part of the market family serving Simonsig bubbly and wine. We would like to thank Nieuwnation Brand Consultancy for putting the project and branding elements together and creating a beautiful brand. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Every visitor could find something to do to enrich their Saturday. Whether it was to indulge in conversations with friends or family, chill under the trees, watch the artists in action, listen to the folk rhythms setting the mood or take one of the Claw Date-a-Dog pups on a walk.



The Autumn market saw more than 7000 visitors, plenty of dogs, music-lovers and foodies enjoying the day together. It was jam-packed and we loved every moment.

We would like to thank everyone involved and we cannot wait to see you in June.





We might have outgrown their laps but we will never outgrow their hearts. Come and celebrate your mom with a creative day of bonding, silkscreen printing and a bubbly brunch.

The Linden Market is ecstatic to present you with our first ever workshop – a silkscreen printing day for you and your mom. The day is especially designed for the two of you to gain another skill while you enjoy brunch and sip on a glass of bubbly served by the famous Linden Market Bubbly Beetle. With our busy schedules nowadays, this is the perfect way to spend a little quality time together. In collaboration with Nostalgie Textiles, the workshop will give both you and your mom the opportunity to learn more about the techniques of silkscreen printing. Letitia du Tiot, the talented woman behind Nostalgie Textiles, will be your mentor for the day introducing you to the art and guiding you in your own creative process. Each group will have the chance to choose between 3 different screen designs that they will then use on the provided material. Each guest can choose from a wide variety of colours to personalise their design while the other guests get a crafty introduction to POP Paint to add a pop of brilliance to almost any surface or piece of furniture.




We have decided to host the workshop over two days, giving you a choice between gifting your mother on the Saturday or Sunday. There is only space for 40 guests per day, so if you want to join in on this creative experience, book your tickets now. 

Ps. No prior experience needed, you can just bring your mother.

When: Saturday 12 May or Sunday 13 May

Where: Nostalgie Textiles Studio, 132 Golf Ave, Clubview, Centurion

How much: R500/pp

Included: All materials needed on the day, your personalised, handprinted tote bag, a jar of POP Paint to take home, brunch and a glass of Simonsig bubbly.