Flashbacks to The Linden Market Winter Edition

A trip down TLM Winter Edition memory lane


The TLM Winter Edition has come and gone and what an incredible day it was. TLM would like to thank each and every person who came out and supported the market – you made the day what it was.

Incredibly beautiful and creative products by our amazing vendors

It was a chilly morning for everybody involved behind the scenes setting up in the dark, but once the sun came out it almost felt like spring day. Once again it was our awesome TLM vendors who stole the show with their incredible creative products whether it was food, drinks, clothing, shoes, decor items, jewellery or some delicious deli products – it all looked beautiful and of the highest quality.

More topclass products by our incredible vendors

The Kidpreneur initiative, sponsored by Everblock was a roaring success. Our first ever Kidpreneurs started trading at 11:00 and blew us away with their creativity and entrepreneurship and of course their cuteness. Should your child be interested in being a Kidpreneur at the Spring Edition on 28 September please fill out an online application.

Everblock built the stalls for our first Kidpreneurs

For the kids who were just there to have some fun there was loads to do between the bungi-trampolene, face-painting-stiltmen, crafts, jumping castle, train and tyre toys.

Old TLM favourite Date-a-Dog with Benji + Moon was there and even though no puppies were adopted, R7405,40 were raised in donations for CLAW. Thank you TLM-goers for your generosity. Date-a-Dog and CLAW will be back at our Spring Edition – so if in the meantime you are looking for a furry addition to your family – please adopt, don’t shop and contact CLAW.

TLM is dog friendly

In the entertainment lineup, there was some TLM first-timers who kept the crowds entertained. Electronic duo Luca and Tim all the way from Cape Town first took to the stage and was the perfect start to a sunny winters day. Following the duo was Marimba band Coal Train who got the crowd up and dancing. The day ended off on a high note by 6-piece band Sea of Green, who captivated the crowd till closing time.

Wonderful lineup of artists who entertained the crowd

Our going-green initiative took off with flying colours (thank you to everybody buying into our initiative) and everybody loved the TLM-branded SWIG cups. We won’t stop here, but will continue to make the market greener and more environmentally friendly – with your help of course.

The TLM golfcarts was a hit so if you missed out on your free ride, remember to park in the safe parking at Rooseveldt High, walk the short distance to the Botanical gardens gate and grab a lift with our awesome TLM-cart-drivers in future (remember to take a selfie!).

It truly was a jam packed day and we have so much more in stall for our Spring Edition on 28 September 2019 so watch this space…


#TLM Kidpreneur initiative brought to you by EverBlock®

TLM is passionate about supporting young (actually any) entrepreneurs and small business enterprizes and so TLM introduced the first ever Kidpreneur initiative at the Winter Edition.

EverBlock®  jumped on board to make this initiative look beautiful, memorable and exciting. EverBlock® is a Life-Sized Modular Building Block (oversized plastic blocks), That Allows You To Build Nearly Anything, which in this case will be the stalls for our Kidpreneurs. No tools are required for installation or removal and best of all, when building walls, props, or displays there is none of the dirt and debris associated with traditional construction.

Mockup Image of Everblock stalls


Anything you’ve built can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to construct other objects, making EverBlock®  a unique green building method which is great, as this also supports TLM going green this winter. EverBlock®  also offer rentals and sales as well as design and installation services.  They consult on large scale or complex projects and provide customized solutions to meet your needs.

Come support our first, brave little Kidpreneurs on Saturday 13 July at The Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia and check out the impressive stall structures by EverBlock®. Get your online tickets here to skip the queues. Gates open at 9:00 and Kidpreneurs start trading at 11:00. See you there!




Calling all vendors and customers to “reduce, reuse and recycle”as #TLM is going green.

The Linden Market is going green this winter and we are really excited about this new challenge to reduce our carbon footprint even further to create a more sustainable event. Straws became the first taboo at #TLM a couple of seasons ago, but now we want to take it to the next level. We call on all our stall holders and customers to support this initiative so that we can make an impact together.

YourDictionary defines going green as making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” There are simple steps we can take and eco-friendly alternatives available, to drastically reduce the negative impact our market has on the environment. To quote a #consciouslivingsouthafrica post “we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly; we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

Our first order of duty for the upcoming market was to get rid of plastic cups and partner with SWIG CUPS. SWIG CUPS is a company that makes earth-friendly, reusable cups. There will be different stations around the market that sell these cups to market-goers for R10. Customers have the option to either return the cups at the end of the day and get their R10 deposit back, or they can keep the TLM-branded cup as a keep-sake. Customers will then visit stalls with their cups and have their drinks poured into them. There will also be promoters and stations where customers can get their cups rinsed.

The Linden Market Recycling Cup

Paper, cans and glass are welcome as we will have recycling bins readily available at TLM Winter Edition. We ask everybody to please be conscientious and use these bins mindfully.

In terms of our vendors, we know that at first, going green with packaging might be a costly exercise, but in the end it will be an investment in our future. As we at TLM also had to do some research, we came across some cool blogs that gave us insights and ideas and we would love to share these packaging ideas with you.

According to the blog LoveToKnow corn starch is ideal for all types of food packaging and has no negative impact on the environment. Cardboard and paper are biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable. Biodegradable plastic when exposed to sunlight decomposes and bubble wrap made out of recycled polyethylene is fully degradable

JohnsByrne suggests rethinking your packaging. Although it isn’t possible with all items, many brands have found creative ways to reduce the size or alter the shape of their products, to curb or eliminate the need for packaging. If you don’t want to go that route why not source and brand your own reusable bag?

Think Step also has a few ideas for sustainable packaging trends such as one of the basics, replacing plastics with paper bags. We are really excited to get to see your out-of-the-box ideas in terms of packaging and how to make The Linden Market more sustainable. We cannot do this alone, but together we can make a huge difference.

We look forward to having each and every one of you at TLM Winter Edition on 13 July 2019 at The Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia. Get your “paperless” tickets here to avoid the queues.




Smart kids with smart ideas at #TLM


Kids are so creative and come up with the coolest ideas. We at The Linden Market are so passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and small business enterprises, that involving the kids just came as the natural, next step.

We believe that encouraging the next generation to make their business ideas a reality, has far reaching benefits beyond just making money. There are critical life skills (problem solving the most prevalent) to be learnt when children are encouraged and supported, to start their own business.

President Cyril Ramaphosa (an entrepreneur himself) recently called for entrepreneurship to be included in the school curriculum at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress at the Sandton Convention Centre. He said “there is much more we can do. Entrepreneurship must be part of the school curriculum, so that young people must from an early age be encouraged to be problem solvers.”

Why wait for schools to introduce entrepreneurship? Let’s start now! Think big, think out of the box, think creatively, find a gap and hone in on that. Pair this with your child’s interests, hobbies and strengths and assist them in bringing their business concepts to life.

On 13 July 2019 at The Linden Market Winter Edition our Kidpreneur initiative will be launched. There are 15 spots open for the Kidpreneurs to come and trade with their own mobile business. A stall space cost R50, payable once chosen. Click on the  Kidpreneur application link, fill out the application and we will get back to you soon to let you know if you have a spot…

The Linden Market, Winter Edition, Calling all Kidpreneurs

We hope all the Kidpreneurs out there are as excited as we are!

Make sure you support the kids at The Linden Market Winter Edition on Saturday 13 July at Botanical Gardens Emmarentia, 45 Thomas Bowler street. Gates open 9:00 – 16:00. General Tickets cost R30, pensioners pay R15, Kids under 12 (and your puppies) enter free. To avoid the queues get your tickets here. Please don’t park your car along the street. Remember that we provide SAFE parking at Roosevelt High across the road for R20. Proceeds go to the school. See you there!



A throwback to The Linden Market Autumn Edition ’19

What a beautiful Autumn day it was in true TLM STYLE…

After the original date was postponed due to the rain, the 18th of May finally arrived for TLM Autumn edition and what a beautiful autumn day it was. With market goers streaming in throughout the day to enjoy the Joburg sunshine – it truly was a great family event.

The Linden Market, Autumn crowdAt 9:00 all our amazing vendors were ready to trade, their stalls beautifully set up and their products of the highest quality, delighting as always.

The Linden Market, Autumn Edition, Vendor products

Nariska was first up on stage – her soothing voice paving the way for the energetic Steve Umculo. Old Linden Market favorites, Georgetown then took the stage and ended the day of with a blast.

The Linden Market Autumn Edition Entertainers Georgetown Band, Steve Umculu, Nariska

In-between our incredible talent on stage, we had salsa interludes, presented by more talented people of a different kind… Estilo Cubano taught us some salsa moves and even the little ones joined (so cute, our hearts melted).

The Linden Market, Autumn Edition, Estilo Cubano Salsa Dancing

Benji + Moon’s Date-a-dog was a hit with so many puppies giving joy to marketgoers and 7 pups finding new homes. Thanks again to Pedigree who sponsored a month’s worth of dog food to CLAW, a charity organization who gives shelter to homeless dogs, and is also involved with so many other good initiatives. We would also like to take the time to thank our TLM-goers who raised R4714 for this organisation.

The Linden Market, Autumn Edition, Charity, Date-a-dog, Benji+Moon, CLAW, Pedigree

We had a biiiig (or shall we rather say tall) surprise for the Linden market kids. Our stilt man was a hit as he entertained and gave out balloon animals to the amazed kids. He will definitely be back and bring some of his tall friends along next time.

The Linden Market, Autumn Edition, Kids Entertainment, Stilt man, balloons, face paint.

We also had face painting, tie-dye and ceramic painting to keep the kids occupied, while the moms and dads could relax with a glass of delicious Simonsig Bubbly or a cold Beerbike draft.

The Linden Market, Autumn Edition, Bull Cook Brewing, Beerbikes, Simonsig.

With shopping bags in hand, tastebuds satisfied, feet tired from all the dancing, everyone was reluctant to leave when Georgetown played their final chords. Not to worry Jozi, if you have missed out on this one, our next one is around the corner.

Make sure you don’t miss The Linden Market Winter Edition on Saturday 13 July at the home of TLM, The Botanical Gardens Emmarentia, 45 Thomas Bowler street. Gates open 9:00 – 16:00. General Tickets cost R30, pensioners pay R15, Kids under 12 (and your puppies) enter free. To avoid the queues get your tickets here. Please don’t park your car along the street. Remember that we provide SAFE parking at Roosevelt High across the road for R20. Proceeds go to the school. Keep an eye on our blog for all the plans we have for TLM Winter Edition. See you there!



WIN with The Linden Market Autumn Edition

get your online ticket to the linden market autumn edition & stand a chance to win!

The Linden Market is passionate about the level of talent we have in our community and we are so excited to bring you a lifestyle experience of curated goods. In the run up to TLM Autumn Edition on the 18th of May we are running a competition, giving away incredible products by some of our amazing vendors. With over 150 of the highest quality local makers at The Linden Market Autumn Edition, you are truly spoilt for choice. Each of our vendors are handpicked and offer something different and unique. To stand a chance to win one of these amazing products, buy your R30 online ticket and you automatically go into the draw. Winners will be announced on the 15th of May and prizes can be collected from the indicated vendor on market day Saturday the 18th of May.


TLM truly has something for everyone and now even the Vegans out there can enjoy delicious meals on the go. Meraki™ is a gourmet plant-based food manufacturing company, making mouth-watering bean based, cruelty free, soy and preservative free, patties that contain no animal products. They are passionate about their unique flavours as well as the fact that they don’t try to replicate meat, rather creating plant-based food full of flavour, protein, fibre and of course lots of love. We think as soon as you see those burgers, even the meat-lovers will want to get a mouthful.

Modern, classic, stylish, comfort are all words that describe McAlpine’s range in one breath. The McAlpine range is effortless and fashionable and perfect for ambitious, goal orientated women. 100% local (which we love!), with just one piece of McAlpine clothing you get dressed for any occasion whether you need to dress up or dress down. Your wardrobe will not feel complete without a piece by McAlpine. To see more of their brand visit their facebook page

Koning Koffie Brouwerij translated means The King’s Coffee and is a quirky, tong-in-the-cheek brand that makes awesome coffee! They call themselves a brand that is not so serious, a brand that breaks stereotypes, a brand to be a conversation starter, a brand to be enjoyed by all. With awesome products like cool mugs, plungers, and of course coffee in all it’s forms (they are even Nespresso compatible), Koning Koffie Brouwerij will be at TLM for the first time this year and we are really excited to have them. 

To own a piece of unique handmade jewellery is always special. Based in Pretoria, MIA focuses on minimalistic design influenced by South African and Greek symbolism, inspired by the designers heritage. Always focusing on modern simplicity, quality handmade products and trust worthy service MIA believes that simplistic design, if done correctly, can make an even bigger impact than something over the top and avant garde. To see more of Mia’s awesome range of jewellery, visit their website.

Miss H Jewellery design lives for making jewellery. Their pieces are fine, elegant and timeless. From dangly earrings to stone jewellery, bangles, stack rings and personalised jewellery you will definitely find something you love. For more info visit their website.

KOKONATI (Malawian word for coconut) is an eco-friendly product brand for people and the planet. Safe for food and great for breakfast cereals, smoothie bowls, and other plant based recipes, KOKONATI bowls are a fantastic addition to your kitchen no matter its look and feel. They are earth-friendly, reusable, durable and perfect for the whole family. Each KOKONATI bowl has uniqueness to it and no two bowls are the same. The shape, pattern, and markings are what make each bowl so special. So if you are looking for a stylish alternative to plasticware, join the Kokonati family.

We would like give a shout out to all our generous vendors, making these giveaways possible. We look forward to seeing you all at TLM Autumn edition on the 18th of May.

Pedigree Partners with CLAW and spreads the love at The Linden Market

Pedigree donates food supplies to CLAW

As absolute dog-lovers, we are proud to once again host CLAW and Benji+Moon with their Date-a-Dog initiative at The Linden Market 2019. This partnership has been so successful that over the course of the last four markets, 39 homeless pups have found forever homes.

As a strong believer of the “adopt don’t shop” mentality, Pedigree has also decided to jump on board and will be sponsoring a month’s worth of dog food to CLAW, for each of the month’s The Linden Market will take place this year on April, July, September and December. Pedigree is thrilled to bring joy to all the wonderful shelter dogs and to those that are up for adoption (CLAWbies). We are truly grateful for this wonderful and much needed donation. it makes us so happy to see great brands support great causes.


CLAW distributes food parcels, facilitates a home-based care programme to teach people how to care for the sick and dying, runs food gardens, supports child-headed households and helps communities access health and hospice care. All the dogs they look after monthly go through 1500kg of dogfood and so Pedigree will generously donate all they need for 4 months of the year.

As there are so many loving dogs that are just looking for a special family to call their own, Benji+Moon also work with CLAW, and creates an opportunity for market goers to take the homeless CLAWbies out for a stroll around the market and hopefully fall in love and give them homes. Pedigree will also be giving out Dentastix samples that keep all the pups’ breath fresh and their gums healthy – ready to put their best claw forward and eager to mingle.

The Linden Market is one of the most popular family and dog-friendly markets around, so bring your family and furry friends along for an awesome day out at the Emmarentia Botanical Gardens. Visit our facebook event page to keep up with all the dates for the rest of the year!

The Linden Market Community Christmas Tree


Let’s celebrate Jozi and our rich culture by re-purposing our own trash at The Linden Market Saturday the 1st & Sunday the 2nd of December at The Botanical Gardens in Emmarentia. Your guilty pleasures and normal household containers can become the talking point at your Christmas table.


We invited the Republic of Recycle to take charge of this initiative at our Christmas Edition Market!  The Republic of Recycle focus on selling environmentally conscious products with designs made from waste materials and believes in throwing nothing away! Republic of Recycle dedicated team of creative minds, believes in the abundance of possibilities. Their philosophy is simple, throw nothing away. Absolutely any rubbish has the potential to be recycled and transformed into funky and functional products. Their team takes pride in their mantra and it enables them to bring waste materials to life, encouraging people to think twice when tossing out their rubbish.

A day with The Republic of Recycle will turn your tree decorating sessions into a delightful surprise. Bring your friends and family for a day of festive fun. While you shop for local gifts and other goodies, The Christmas Edition Weekend will inspire you to turn anything into something beautiful. 


Be creative. You can bring anything you think has the potential to become a colourful decoration. But if you are stuck, you can bring your milk cartons, aluminium beverage cans, newspapers, chips packets and maize meal bags. Please see guide in the poster. Your contribution will give you a discount on recycled products available at the Republic of Recycle stand!

They are ready to turn our tree into a patterned fiesta. The perfect way to give back to the community without spending any extra money. 

There will be plenty of other activities, music and delicious meals to keep you entertained. Start your day with a yoga session, spoil your friends with local gifts, take a dog for a walk with Adopt-a-Dog, or simply come hangout to listen to great musicians while sipping on a glass of MCC.

Come have fun with your friends at the Linden market on Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd December before heading on your family holiday. Gates 9am – 4pm.

Get your tickets here: https://thelindenmarket.com/tickets/. Secure Parking available at R20 at Roosevelt Park High School fields across the roads.


The Linden Market Spring Edition – 29 September


The Linden Market Spring edition took place on Saturday the 29th of September in the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Emmarentia. With rain forecasted for the day, we held our breaths and were very lucky to get best of both with rain on Friday night and a beautiful sunny day on market day! For those of you who missed it, here are some snapshots and a brief recap of the 2018 TLM Spring edition. A big shout out to Robyn Davie Photography for capturing our spring edition in such a beautiful way! Check out her website here Robyn Davie Photography.

Photo Credit: Left: Simonsig WInes. Middle: Wired Art. Right: Sexy Socks.

As you entered the market, you were met with the most vibrant and colourful displays of flowers and plants. Walking along the entrance passage through the myriad of greenery, Simonsig Wines were waiting to serve visitors with a glass of delicious bubbly. This eased our shoppers into the rest of the market where they could indulge in the finest local shopping.

Photo Credit: Left: Finlays Shoes. Right: The Greyhorns Artistry.

We were  joined by some of our reputable regulars, as well as a fine selection of newcomers in almost every vendor category The Linden Market has to offer. Ranging from food, beverages, décor & design, art, fashion, accessories and lifestyle products. New to the market, displayed under the old oak tree was Andre’s Vintage Bicycles & Finlays hand crafted shoes. Crowning Glory spoiled ladies with funky braids and a nail bar, whilst Kroon added a touch of spring with their beautiful flower crowns… This was a big hit!  

Photo Credit: Left: Spring Blooms. Right: Roaming Road

Photo Credit: Left: Crowning Glory. Right: Kroon

We were so overwhelmed by the support we got from our visitors and local community at the CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) Adopt-A-Dog Initiative. Five out of the six doggies that were up for adoption at the market got forever homes. CLAW also received R5000 in cash donations and lots of sponsored collars for township dogs. We are beyond grateful and would like to thank each and everyone for the incredible support. A big thank you to CLAW for doing great work making such an impact in the community. We cannot wait to have you at the Christmas Edition market! 

Photo Credit: Stohne Art

Don’t miss out on The Linden Market Christmas Edition taking place Saturday 1st of December and Sunday the 2nd of December for authentic Christmas gift shopping. Tickets cost R20 pp and kids under 12 enter for free. Please make use of the secure parking available at Roosevelt High School opposite the Botanical gardens Entrance in Thomas Bowler Street.

Gates open at 9am and close at 4pm.

For more information please visit our website www.thelindenmarket.com or our Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/136492130373428/

The Linden Market Christmas Edition 2018


Looking back on a jam-packed year, it seems that everybody is a little tired and ready for a holiday. We have decided to end off the year slightly differently. For the first time in The Linden Market’s history, the market will span over 2 days, starting on Saturday 1st of December and ending on Sunday 2nd of December. Why? You voted …. We listened! We ran a poll asking our regular visitors and vendors if they would prefer a 1 or 2 day market, and the winner by 86% was a 2 day market! By extending the market we can accommodate people who cannot make the Saturday, or did not finish off all their gift shopping to join us again on the Sunday…
We are very excited to share what we have planned for the deluxe Christmas Edition market! Here is a snippet of what to expect:- Yoga in the Park, 160 stalls, Santa in the Garden, Wreath Making Workshop, Adopt a Dog, Live Music entertainment and more…
You will not find a better way to kick off the holiday month. Bring your friends, family, children and 4 legged friends for a local, festive celebration in the heart of the Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia.
Spoil your family and friends and buy your Christmas pressies LOCAL. As part of the Linden Market’s mantra, we encourage people to swap malls for markets and fully support our local entrepreneurs. We will have 160 stalls ranging from decor & design, jewellery, fashion, deli, food trucks, craft beer, bubbly, gin bar, furniture, plants etc. Join us @ the market for your unique and authentic Christmas gift shopping.
Get into the SPIRIT OF GIVING …. We invited Mr. Clause and his team to come and be merry with the children and families of Jozi. Come and help Santa to decorate the TLM Christmas tree with recycled items. You will also get the chance to support the needy by bringing a wrapped present (pre-loved or new) to place under the TLM Christmas tree. The presents will go to the little ones who won’t have a Christmas Experience. 

We will start off the day with our usual ‘Yoga in the Park’. Yogi’s grab your mats and join Yoga Works on Saturday and Sunday at 09h00. This will also give you free entrance to the market.

Join us on Saturday or Sunday at 10h00 for a celebration of Summer and the upcoming Christmas holidays with an intimate wreath making workshop and bubbly tasting in the White Shed. We will be using the traditional method of moss and wire, offering decorations from a gorgeous array of interesting foliage & succulents. The class will be taught to create a lush and festive Christmas wreath that last throughout the entire holiday season. Tickets available on our website. www.thelindenmarket.com

Once again, as part of our dog loving culture, CLAW has been invited. With the overwhelming success at the Spring Edition, we continue to support this charity to drive their ‘adopt a dog’ initiative. You will get the chance to spend some time with beautiful yet homeless furry friends, among them puppies up for adoption. Please tell all that are looking for a fur child to join us at The Linden market Spring Edition to give our furry friends some love and attention, and hopefully a forever home. Each doggy will sport a gingham blue bandanna and denim blue harness with lead should you want to take a walk and get to know each other. We call upon you to bring the whole family, including the furry ones to join us to celebrate Christmas the Linden Market way. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Market Goers will be welcomed with Bluesy Christmas carols by Saxophone.  Jacqueline Tolken and Peter Hoven will once again grace us with heir beautiful voices and the rest we will announce closer to the time.

Early bird skips the queue… Entrance R20 pp. Kinds u/12 enter for free. Get your tickets here