Adopt-a-Dog with CLAW at The Linden Market


As you well know by now The Linden Market is very passionate about dogs, and as part of our dog loving culture we invited CLAW, a regular charity that we support to drive our adopt a dog initiative. You will get the chance to spend some time with beautiful yet homeless furry friends, among them 4 puppies up for adoption. Please tell all that are looking for a fur child to join us at The Linden market Spring Edition to give our furry friends some love and attention, and hopefully a forever home. Each doggy will sport a gingham blue bandanna and denim blue harness with lead should you want to take a walk and get to know each other. We call upon you to bring the whole family on Saturday 29 September at The Botanical Gardens, Emmarentia, including the furry ones to join us to celebrate spring the Linden Market way. We look forward to see you all there!

Clawbie up for adoption at The Linden Market

Pets are always there for us when we need them. Loyal and steadfast, they are an endless source of unconditional love. Pet owners in disadvantaged communities love their pets just as anywhere else. But pets suffer from poverty the same way their owners do. Without the means to provide proper care, pets can be vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and abandonment. Dogs and cats in developing countries are particularly likely to suffer from neglect and poor health.

IFAW’s Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) program brings new hope to impoverished communities where traditional veterinary services are often unavailable. CLAW provides desperately needed veterinary services to dogs and cats, as well as vital animal care education to pet owners in Johannesburg’s poorest township areas.

CLAW works closely with community-based organisations, schools, the Department of Agriculture and veterinary services around the city. CLAW distributes food parcels, facilitates a home-based care programme to teach people how to care for the sick and dying, runs food gardens, supports child-headed households and helps communities access health and hospice care.


The SMART Adoption program endeavours to empower our CLAW adopters and arm them with the knowledge, resources, skills and support so that they become SOLUTION-FOCUSSED rather than problem-focussed.

That “Happily ever-after” is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them, if and when they arise! It is often those challenges that foster learning, growth, and also that strong loyal, trusting bond and mutual understanding and respect! So the most challenging relationships are the ones that ultimately become the most joyful and rewarding!

Obstacles are part of the agility course of life – they are not insurmountable, but rather these are the challenges which keep us learning, keep us growing and keep us flexible… This programme will help CLAW get (and retain) SMART adopters and adoption advocates and help our CLAWbies (adoptees) to get adopted and stay adopted, becoming SMART canine CLAWbie ambassadors! We also endeavour to promote Puppy training and socialisation (which sets puppies up to become excellent companion animals, because they have learnt the necessary life skills during a critical formative period in their development).

We thank CLAW for doing amazing work and we at The Linden Market are always there to assist and support in anyway we can.

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