21 Ideas to incorporate in your business during Lock Down

21 Days - 21 Opportunities guide

It has been the belief for many years that it takes 21 days to break a habit and 21 days to create a new (better) habit. These days it seems that the consensus is that it varies from the individual to individual and can take anything from 18-254 days. Without boring you here is the point we are trying to get across – we have 21 days of lock-down. 21 days you can see as wasted, or 21 days you can see as an opportunity to become better, to make your business better, to become closer to your family and to make a difference by staying inside. 

Even though there isn’t a general consensus about how long it takes to make or break a bad or good habit… It takes time and time is something we don’t usually have enough of… in our personal capacity, as well as in our businesses. However with lock down now being locked down we will have ample time to either grow, to just stay the same, or to become worse i.e. worry, be paralyzed by fear, become lazy or just give up. 

We, as the TLM team, choose the first option. Download our guide to see our 21 ideas to implement in your business during the Lock down. We believe this will help you use the time efficiently, help you and your business  become stronger, more organized and ready for the times that lie ahead.